From Corporate Manager to Bitcoin-Inspired Artist: Koda List

Koda List grew up with a deep appreciation for art and the beauty of the natural world. From an early age, it was evident that he possessed a unique talent for painting, which he nurtured with great dedication throughout his youth.

As life unfolded Koda List found himself drawn to the bustling city, where he embarked on a career in management.
However, the relentless demands of the corporate life took their toll on Koda List. He experienced a profound burnout, leaving him feeling drained and disillusioned. It was during this period of introspection and self-discovery that he stumbled upon an emerging technology that would change the course of his life forever: Bitcoin.

Fascinated by the underlying philosophy and principles of decentralization, Koda List delved deep into the world of the fascinating cryptocurrency. He was inspired by the idea of financial sovereignty and the potential to challenge traditional power structures. Bitcoin’s ethos resonated with him on a profound level, sparking a newfound passion and sense of purpose.

Realizing that life is too short to be bound by the constraints of the corporate world, Koda List made a courageous decision. He chose to leave behind the comfort of his managerial position and embrace a path less traveled. With renewed vigor and determination, he dedicated himself entirely to his first love—art.

Returning to his roots as a painter, Koda List sought inspiration from the unique attributes of Bitcoin. He found that the decentralized and borderless nature of the cryptocurrency mirrored the freedom he sought to express in his art. He began creating drawings that featured the unmistakable characteristics of Bitcoin, capturing the essence of this revolutionary technology on canvas.

Leaving the bustling city behind, Koda List retreated to the tranquil countryside, immersing himself in nature’s beauty, the sound of silence and painting.

Koda List´s story is a reminder to us all that life’s most fulfilling journey is often found when we embrace our true selves and follow our hearts’ desires, just like the interplay of colors on his canvas, weaving a tapestry of creativity and liberation.

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